7 Best Bass Fishing Lures For Beginners

Being an experienced fisherman means that you’ve made a lot of mistakes during your preparation for and while on your fishing adventures. But it is from these mistakes that we learn and improve our ways of performing whatever action we’re so mechanically or cognitively performing. The more we know about the job at hand the better we’ll perform it, right? With fishing, you need to know everything there is about your surroundings, items that you use and fish types.

Knowing every single detail about the type of fish your fishing determines how good you’ll be at catching that particular breed of fish. This is why experienced fisherman knows their pray, and more importantly, know which lure to use for each of them.

So if you consider yourself to be a fishing enthusiast, then you’ll definitely want to learn about types of lures you can use when fishing for the most popular type of fish-bass. So go ahead, start writing down or if you’re exceptional at memorizing details, tune in for this bass lure guide.

Soft Stick Baits


Depending on which type of bass your fishing for you can use a variety of lures and baits. But there is one that’s not only great for beginners but also works like a charm every time your fishing for bass. These soft stick lures are a delight for almost any type of bass. The moment they spot it, they’ll try to snatch it and bite its squishy body.

soft stick bait

Little did the fish know that this worm replica tastes nothing like the real thing, or that it's attached to a hook that will pierce trough the bass’s jaw. They’re easy to use and mount on your hook. So you won’t have any problems whatsoever with using this lure.



This lure, in particular, is the real deal. No starving bass can resist its tempting structure or vivid colors that should represent a fleeing crayfish. Now, it may not resemble a crayfish to us, but to any base type, it is an as authentic replica as the real deal.

The only problem is, to bass’s misfortune and your great fortune, that the fish can’t tell the difference between a crayfish and a lure. Using any model or any color of this bait will greatly increase your chances to actually catch a bass. It’s not the cheapest lure, but once you’ve tried it, you won’t think about how costly it was.

photo of a jig lure

The best way to use this lure is to drop it and slow-drag it until, finally after a considerable time, you feel the resistance in your pulling movement. If you don’t know where to fish try this gadget that guarantees you’re in the right spot at any pond, lake or river for that matter.

The best thing about this lure is that it works every time. So if there’s bass down there bellow the spot you placed your fishing rod, you’ll know it soon after you deploy this lure into the water depths.

Lipless Crankbait


Do you like fishing in shallow waters? Then this lure is the best one for your fishing tastes. There’s nothing better than seeing the fish snatch a bait and then putting all your efforts into pulling the fish towards your boat or shore without letting it rip the chord.

It’s easy to mount on your chord, and once you’ve successfully attached it, it won’t budge until you decide to change your lure. If you’re new to shallow water fishing, using this bait is the best thing to start with. No matter how good or bad you’re at pulling that bait and simulating a fleeing fish, at the end of the day, you’ll always get a couple of pictures of bass in your hands.



Nothing compares to spinnerbaits, as every experienced bass fisherman will tell you. The only thing that you’ll need to do is choose the model or color of this particular lure and attached it to your chord. The rest is pure excitement in anticipating the moment you’ll feel it pull, and joy of finally catching and holding the fish in your arms.

Spinnerbait lure image

Every fisherman knows that feeling of catching a fish and taking a picture with it. Larger the fish, bigger the pride is. So if you want to catch a bass without breaking a sweat, using this lure will allow exactly that- an effortless bass catching experience.

Square Bill


No fishing adventure goes without using a square bait. The question is, have you tried using one before? That’s the biggest quality of this lure, no matter how inexperienced you are at fishing for the base, with this lure at your disposal you can’t go home empty-handed.

They come in a variety of colors, while shape on the other hand, always resembles a small helpless fish. This will attract a base in your vicinity almost in an instant. So if you want to catch any type of bass, you can’t miss it with this lure.



Any type of bass loves this lure, as it gets tricked every time. The possible explanation for this is that resembles, you’ve guessed it, a frog. It’s bright colors and playful pattern does wonders in attracting the bass to it. You’ll have to adjust your pulling technique and learn how to lure properly with this item in your fishing arsenal.

The goal is to make small pulls and thus simulate a frog swimming in its recognizable style. Make sure that you don’t pull the lure right out from the bass’s mouth when practicing this technique. But even if you do, another bass will come shortly after and snatch it by its silicone toes.



This particular fishing item looks exactly like a wounded minnow, once deployed in the water. The only thing you’ll need to do to catch a bass with ease is to attach this lure to your chord and simulate a particular swimming technique which is a trademark of this small fish.

jerkbait lure image

So to sum it all up, whenever you feel like fishing for a bass and want to practice your pulling technique, you should definitely use this lure.

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