Best Time To Fish For Crappie

What better way to unwind, put away your worries and relax than to go fishing in nature? There are, naturally, other alternatives but real fishing enthusiasts accept no other method for relaxation that this one. And if you have a favorite game that you like to fish like crappie you’ve come to the right place to find out all about it. Experienced fishermen know which fishing methods are most adequate for specific types of fish. But what about you?

Are you familiar with the best possible method for fishing crappie? Surely you know that you can’t fish for crappie at any time of the day or season. Since you’re here let’s explain in detail and shine some light on what’s considered as the best time to fish for crappie and mention some of the best tactics for catching one.

Night Predators


Crappie is a specific type of game; it hunts its prey in the dark or once visibility is lowest in water. So what do you know about your prey? Crappie feeds predominantly on younger fishes of their predator’s. So everything from walleye, muskellunge to northern pike is on their menu. Knowing this you can easily adapt your bait and choose from a variety of smaller fish replicas known as fish baits.

If you happen to catch some of the species mentioned above, you can use them as bait as well. It’s always better to use live bait than a rubber one. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with luring a crappie with a decent fake fish bait. You can also use spinnerbaits or bobbers.
night predators

Where to Fish for a Crappie?


Crappie is a freshwater fish, meaning that it will reside in any lake, river or pond. Being that you can choose any of the above-mentioned waters to fish to a crappie, the only thing remaining to do is find out what’s the best period to fish for crappies as well as find out which gear will be an adequate equipment for your adventure. If you’re having trouble finding the right fishing gear, you can always check your local fishing stores and pick your gear online.

However, if you’re having trouble using a certain item from your fishing collection you can read all about it here. Now that everything is settled let’s find out more about this species and find out which time of the day is the best for fishing a crappie.

From Dusk Till Dawn


Being that this specific type of fish lurks in the dark, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, it’s obvious that you won’t be fishing for it during the day. So what is the best​​​​ time to fish for crappie?

crappie fishing
Because crappies feed on smaller samples of their natural predators, it’s natural to assume that they are doing it when there’s no or little light in the waters. So any time after dusk is fine for fishing a crappie.

This means that you better bring a tent or if you like to fish with your trailer next to the shore be sure to have enough space for your fishing gear. Start by preparing the bait around 20 h during summer. This will leave you with enough time to prepare everything and spend an exciting fishing night in nature. So get your gear, set up your fishing rods and every other accessory, because you’re up for an exciting night.

Special Time of Year


Fishing for crappie can be exciting but only if you’re at the right place at the right time of the year at your favorite fishing spot. And being that we’re here to find out what’s the best time of the year to fish for crappie, let’s mention crappie’s peculiar diet.

There are many ways to catch a crappie, but if you want to be efficient at it you must know when to pack your fishing gear and head for a trip to nature. Due to it’s diverse diet this fish can be found in any freshwater during any time of the year. Because they feed on smaller fish, it’s best to fish for crappies during spring or fall.

However, if this is not your favorite time of the year for fishing you’ll be glad to find out that you can fish during winter as well.
men fishing in group

Ice fishing is extremely popular nowadays. So if this is your favorite game you can enjoy ice fishing as well. This fish is active throughout the whole year, but if you really want a fishing adventure, it’s best to start your fishing adventure during the fall.

Crappies are most active during that time of the year, and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll catch on a single day. Be sure to pack everything and adjust your equipment for the time of the year at which you’re fishing. There nothing worse than bringing your summer fishing gear for a fall fishing adventure. If you’re fishing during winter, the only thing you need is patience. This fish is active during winter as well, as we’ve mentioned before, so even if you don’t have success in the first couple of hours be patient.

The most important thing is to stay quiet. This means that once you settle and pull out your fishing rod, you shouldn’t move around too much. Even the smallest noise can scare away your prey, which means that you’ll lose hours of preparation.

The Conclusion

As we’ve found out, crappies are active during almost every season. However, the best time for catching a crappie is fall and winter. So if you haven’t tried ice fishing before, and you’re a crappie-lover, this is a perfect chance for you to start. Bear in mind that the equipment for ice fishing differs from regular one, so prepare accordingly.

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