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    Does Noise Affect Fishing?

    By Anthony Contreras / November 30, 2017

    ​Scientists and most experienced anglers agree that fish can hear. But, the question is which sound do they ignore, which attract them, and which repulse them? Screaming or loud talking will be barely noticeable to the fish underwater since sound doesn’t travel well between water and air. However, sound that occurs underwater travel fast and […]


      Easy Guide for Installing Fish Finder on a Kayak

      By Anthony Contreras / November 29, 2017

      ​You don’t have to be a scientist to install a fish finder on a kayak. If you have the right knowledge at your fingertips, you will install it with ease. Selecting the perfect electronic for it can be difficult, how to power it, where you are going to run the transducer, what size, are all […]


        Essential Equipment Checklist for Kayak Fishing

        By Anthony Contreras / September 2, 2017

        New to kayak fishing? Trying to learn all about this surprisingly satisfying method of fishing? If you do consider yourself to be a fishing enthusiast, you’re surely open to learning new stuff and upgrading your fishing lore. In addition to that, kayaking takes time to master, so naturally, you’ll want to learn as much as you can […]


          7 Best Bass Fishing Lures For Beginners

          By Anthony Contreras / July 8, 2017

          Being an experienced fisherman means that you’ve made a lot of mistakes during your preparation for and while on your fishing adventures. But it is from these mistakes that we learn and improve our ways of performing whatever action we’re so mechanically or cognitively performing. The more we know about the job at hand the […]


            Best Time To Fish For Crappie

            By Anthony Contreras / June 30, 2017

            What better way to unwind, put away your worries and relax than to go fishing in nature? There are, naturally, other alternatives but real fishing enthusiasts accept no other method for relaxation that this one. And if you have a favorite game that you like to fish like crappie you’ve come to the right place […]


              What’s the Best Bait for Catfish in Lakes?

              By Anthony Contreras / June 26, 2017

              Fishing for either smaller or bigger catfish is a lot of fun and can also be at times very challenging. Although it is known as being a type of fish that will eat almost anything, they prefer a particular range of baits. They can detect and smell the difference between their prey at a distance […]


                How to Wire a Fishfinder to a Battery

                By Anthony Contreras / May 26, 2017

                There are a couple of things that may be unclear when looking to buy a fishfinder. Being that there are many different brands you’ll want to get the right one. Once you’ve chosen the most efficient one that provides precise data, you’ll need to install it. And this is where things get complicated. Installing a […]


                  How to Use a Fishfinder in Shallow Water

                  By Anthony Contreras / May 25, 2017

                  Using a fishfinder device can be tricky, especially if you’re not a technology. These devices can immensely improve your fishing adventure, provided that you know how to read sonar. The data on the screen provides a clear picture of what’s underneath the water surface. By learning the basics of sonar reading you’ll be able to […]

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