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This unit comes with a 5-inch WVGA Color display. It also comes with an integrated GPS system and a couple of innovative technologies such as CHIRP and DownVu. This unit is pretty special because it also has a split screen function, audible alarms, and AutoGain technology. It is a reliable device with an exceptional display and backlight. Depth capability is 2300 feet.



- Dual frequencies (77/200 kHz or 50/200 kHz)

- CHIRP technology

- Capable of saving up to 5000 waypoints

- Good display and adjustable backlight


- No microSD slot

- No NMEA connectivity

- Unit cover is not included


Garmin Striker 5DV comes with a rugged design to withstand thorough naval environment and maintain top performance. The 5-inch display offers excellent readability; you can distinguish certain shapes and forms quickly. People tend to rush their decisions and overpay certain fish finders. That’s why it’s important for you to determine the needs and demands regarding fish finders. By doing that, you’ll be able to avoid expensive fish finders with a bunch of unnecessary features you don’t need. Buying a fish finder is directly affected by your budget.

In this review, we will pay attention to some technical data and also mention few things you might find interesting and helpful. Hopefully, this review will give you a better insight of what to seek in a quality fish finder.

The Specifications

Display size – 5 inches

Display resolution – 800 x 480-pixels

Display type – WVGA color

Sonar frequency – Traditional 50, 77, 200 kHz, CHIRP, and DownVu 260, 455, 800 kHz

Transit power – 500W (RMS)

Depth capability – 2300 feet (fresh water), 1100 feet (salt water)

Split screen, GPS, Fish Symbol ID

The Benefits of Having GPS

GPS is quite important for fishing as well as for determining your current position. With the GPS integrated into this fish finder, you’re able to mark particular waypoints as well as hotspots you find interesting, and you may want to return to. If you’re fishing in unknown waters, there’s a possibility of getting lost, especially by night. GPS eliminates the possibility of getting lost, and it tracks every movement of your vessel.

Also, marking docking points or any point of interest comes in handy when the visibility isn’t great, for instance, on foggy mornings. Although GPS isn’t a necessity and it tends to boost up the price of the product, you should seriously consider buying a fish finder with GPS because of the vast benefits. That being said, this fish finder still managed to maintain a reasonable price, even with GPS as a standard feature.

The Screen and the Resolution

The screen is 5 inches diagonally, and it offers more than enough of the surface for precise and detailed readings. Some models have smaller, some bigger screens.

This fish finder is in the middle. Although it’s not an impressive size of the display, it’s satisfactory. The resolution, on the other hand, is impressive and excellent. It’s wide enough to show a vast area and narrow enough to be able to determine the shapes.

It also comes with a color display, which is also a commodity, considering there’re many fish finders with a black and white screen still available on the market. Additionally, CHIRP in combination with DownVu provides an exceptional visual presentation of the situation below the deck.

striker 5dv

The Sonar

Striker 5DV includes a CHIRP transducer which offers a higher level of clarity and crispness than the conventional sonars working on same frequencies. CHIRP sends a continuous wave of frequency instead of just one, as the standard transducers. By sending a lot of consistent signals, it provides better and more accurate readings than the average sonar. There is a possibility of an upgrade. You can upgrade to high-performance CHIRP technology which provides crystal-clear images with even better resolution and target separation.

DownVu gives you a photographic image of the situation below. You can clearly see and distinguish various terrain, fish, bait, structures, and more. Both CHIRP and DownVu come combined into one sonar.

Other Valuable Features

Split screen is another great feature. It allows you do multitask with ease. For instance, you can split your screen to read the scans from two different frequencies. Also, you can mark GPS waypoints and scan the bottom at the same time. Split screen zoom feature allows you to compare two images at different zoom levels. You can do two separate things simultaneously on one screen.

This fish finder also has audible alarms, so you don’t need to be stuck in front of your fish finder the whole time. Water temperature sensor is also integrated into this device. AutoGain technology allows you to minimize clutter and maximize particular targets. A-Scope offers real time display of fish passing through transducer beam.

The Quality, Reliability and Affordability

This product as any other has its upsides and downsides. One of the considerable upsides of this fish finder is the fact that it has an integrated GPS feature and remains affordable. It’s also quite reliable and useful for amateur as well as professional fishermen. You can count on it at any given time; it’s made to last, and it’s quite easy to install. The simplicity of it is what makes it a great purchase. Anyone can use it; it’s quite straightforward. The screen is readable and clear; the visual aspect is also pretty neat. Garmin is known for making good and trustworthy devices, and they didn’t disappoint with this one either.

The Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for a serious fishing trip or just a weekend on the lake, this device will come in handy. Many people have praised it as a reliable device that is still within reach regarding the budget. Nowadays, individuals with a mediocre budget can buy themselves a well-made fish finder. The display is good; the backlight is excellent. It allows you to use it by day as well as by night, and it’s a great commodity. All in all, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to purchase this finder; it will meet your expectations.

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