Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder Review


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The Humminbird 409620-1 is a great fish finder for both amateurs and professionals. It features a 5-inch display, color screen, GPS, and down imaging. The sonar is equipped with the latest technologies such as QuadraBeam Plus, DualBeam Plus, and Dual Imaging. The readings are accurate; it’s well-made and pretty easy to install. It also has a split-screen function.


- Good quality

- Easy to operate

- Color display

- GPS tracking

- Reasonable price for great features


- Bad mapping without charts

- The available soft cover is not waterproof

- No optional swivel adapter


Humminbird has released their new series of fish finders in March 2016 called HELIX 5. The HELIX series thrives in picture quality and overall quality of resolution. It comes with a landscape mode on an 800 x 480-pixels resolution, and a 5-inch screen. This is a high-end product for a reasonably affordable price. In this review, we will try to evaluate the product based on its capabilities, price, and overall quality.

The Specifications:

Display resolution 800 x 480-pixels

Display type – Color TFT

Sonar type – Down Imaging and DualBeam PLUS

Sonar coverage – 16, 28, 45, and 75 degrees

Sonar Frequency – 455, 800, 200, 455 kHz

GPS and PC connectivity

Why is Having GPS Important?

Having GPS is important because you can create a map with your favorite hotspots for fishing. Also, you can mark particular waypoints to come back. If you're fishing in unfamiliar waters, there's a possibility of getting lost. With GPS integrated into this product, you'll always know your position and the way back to safety. Satellite system accuracy is on a high level nowadays; it can easily spot dents and anomalies on the bottom.

All in all, buying a device with GPS tracking system integrated is a smart choice, although, the price difference is significant in oppose to devices without GPS.

The Screen

The screen comes with an excellent resolution of 800 x 480-pixels. 5 inches of wide-screen 256 color TFT offer a good insight of what's happening below the deck. Down Imaging and Dual Beam PLUS sonar allow the user to see a high-quality representation of what is beneath the deck. 5 inches is more than enough to get a full insight of your surroundings, and you can split screens as well. Multiple displays technology is a great commodity to have in this device.

On the one side of the screen you can mark waypoints and track coordinates with the GPS, and on the other screen, you have the ability to see what's happening around you and detect fish. The backlight of the display is adjustable, so it's useful in sunlight as well as at night.

Down Imaging allows you to get a fish-eye view of what's happening below the deck. The latest technology integrated into this device offers impressive pictures and accurate readings.

The Frequencies

The frequencies on which this product works on are 455 kHz and 800 kHz. Most of the devices nowadays have 800 kHz frequencies, but lower rates are better for deeper waters. If you set the rate to maximum, more energy will be directed to a narrower area. 455 kHz is good for various things like scanning isolated pieces of cover on the bottom. 800 kHz is optimal for making second passes over hotspots you've already been on. This frequency offers better readings and more detailed images in shallow waters.

Both of these frequencies can distinguish particular soil and can detect differences between fish, bait, and terrain. SwitchFire mode which enables users to adjust the screen how much or how little clutter appears as well as remove or add detail account for water depth.

The Sonar

The Sonar is equipped with the latest technologies and offers accurate readings. Humminbird Single Beam Sonar gives you a precise, 20 degrees down looking beam optimized for the best image of the surroundings. Because it's more focused than wide beams, you'll have better insight to see fish in structure and close to the bottom of the river.

With the dual beam, two beams cover different areas with different frequencies. Having dual beams allows you to widen the scan parameter. This product also has QuadraBeam Plus. A unique display mode lets you see to the sides and directly below in two separate views with QuadraBeam Plus.

helix 5 di in a bag

Split Screen Views

The split screen offers multitasking. It's valuable if you're, for example, marking waypoints and fishing at the same time. On one side of the screen you'll get an insight of what's happening below the deck, and on the other aspect of the screen, you'll see marked waypoints via GPS. Quickly identifying various terrain through the top-quality Sonar allows you to review the images on a split screen with ease. Also, the menu isn't complicated; the device is compact and easy to use.


This innovative technology puts anglers in command of how their sonar returns appear. SwitchFire adds a whole new dimension to 2D fish finding. It accounts the water depth, temperature, and turbulence. The Clear mode allows you to filter out the noise in rough waters and get a much better reading and presentation of what's going on. When you turn on the max mode, you'll get incredibly detailed images. Also, you'll be able to tell the difference between terrain, fish, and bait with ease.

The Conclusion

Overall quality of this product is quite good. It offers semi-professional readings for a reasonably affordable price. If you're on a limited budget, you might consider reading this review thoroughly and making the decision after. All in all, this product fulfills most of the expectations and deserves to be mentioned. The screen is great, the quality is impressive, and the readings are relatively accurate. Don't hesitate to consider purchasing this; it's worth every penny. Having GPS can be extremely helpful in various situations, so don't forget about that. Split screen option will allow you to draw waypoints and scan the bottom of the lake in the meantime.

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