Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fishfinder Review


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This unit has a 7-inch screen, GPS, and a 256-color display. These three elements are the reason why this fish finder is so great. The large display offers good readability and reliability. It’s also way easier to operate with a color screen instead of using a black and white one. The DualBeam and Down Imaging technologies which are integrated into the sonar offer an excellent quality of underwater readings. This fish finder also features a split screen function, a vast variety of sonar frequencies, and it’s made to last.


- Waterproof

- High resolution

- Down imaging sonar

- Fast and responsive


- No networking

- Somewhat expensive


Humminbird Helix 7 Series came out in March 2016. These devices have latest technologies integrated and exceptional hardware. Helix 7 DI comes with a 256-color Color TFT display and has a resolution of 800 x 480-pixels. People often make mistakes when they want to purchase a particular product. Price isn’t always a value to follow, sometimes fish finders reach hefty prices, but half of the features those finders offer are redundant for an average user.

That’s why we advise you to read through our reviews and find the best suiting fish finder for yourself, regardless of your budget. We will pay attention to some technical parameters as well as quality and overall value of the product.

The Specifications

Display size – 7 inches

Display resolution – 800 x 480-pixels

Display type – 256-color Color TFT

Sonar type – Down Imaging, DualBeam Plus

Sonar coverage – 16, 28, 45, and 75 degrees

Sonar frequencies – 200 kHz, 455 kHz, 455 kHz, and 800 kHz

Depth capability – 300 feet (DI) and 600 feet (2D)

GPS included

Why is GPS Useful?

Having GPS integrated into your fish finder allows you to mark certain hotspots, waypoints, and areas with a high amount of fish. GPS makes fishing a lot easier and more fun. Getting lost while your GPS is on is nearly impossible. GPS is especially important if you’re fishing in unfamiliar waters. Fish finders without the GPS feature don’t offer these commodities, and a vast majority of users decide to install a separate GPS device after a while.

So, instead of investing money in another instrument, consider buying a fish finder with the GPS included. It will save you money and time as well. Although it’s not a necessity, it provides exceptional value.

The Display and the Resolution

The 7-inch display offers excellent readability and reliability. Also, the Color TFT screen allows you to distinguish certain shapes under water. It’s much easier to operate with a color screen instead of a black and white one. DualBeam and Down Imaging offer a supreme quality of reading and picture. These technologies are integrated into this device to improve the overall quality and accuracy.

The 800 x 480-pixels of resolution will be more than enough for anyone who’s planning to fish with this fish finder. It provides an exceptional visual presentation of what’s going on below the vessel.

The Frequencies

This fish finder operates on different frequencies depending on the sonar coverage. The most important part is that you can switch frequencies accordingly. For shallow waters, use higher frequencies. Higher frequencies send more signals and receive the feedback quickly if you’re fishing in shallow waters. The more signal your device sends, the better the readings are. Down Imaging and DualBeam will easily determine the depth and the terrain beneath the boat. By providing impressive readings, these technologies allow you to determine exactly what’s going on underwater.

Split Screen and its Capabilities

Split screen is ideal for multitasking. With the split screen commodity you can, for example, mark waypoints and scan the bottom at the same time. Also, split screen zoom allows you to see one image but with different zoom applied.

It comes in handy when you’re trying to determine what’s happening below the deck and you need to zoom-in one image while the original image stays untouched. This fish finder also has 3D Chart View which allows you to review your custom charts in 3D technology.

Helix-7 DI side image

The Down Imaging and Dual Beam Plus

With Down Imaging you get a fish eye's view of the terrain below the vessel. These images are created with high-frequency waves emitted in thin slices. The return of these waves produces a visual representation of the soil on your device. You can quickly identify terrain and structures with Down Imaging while using SwitchFire to locate and target fish.

With DualBeam Plus sonar, you have a narrowly focused center beam, surrounded by the second beam of 60 degrees, expanding your coverage to an area equal to your depth. So, in 50 feet of depth, the wider beam covers an area 50 feet wide.

The Quality, Reliability, and Durability

The quality of production is top-notch, as with any product that comes from Humminbird. This fish finder is quite easy to install, and it’s pretty straightforward. Everyone can install it and use it; you don’t have to hassle with difficult manuals and installation guides. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or you simply want to improve your quota of captured fish, there shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to the ease of use and installment of this device.

It’s also quite reliable. You can bring it with you wherever you go, and as we all know, waterproof devices thrive in aquatic environments. It’s crucial to have a waterproof device or else it won’t last long.

The Conclusion

The 7-inch screen offers new experiences and high readability. Having GPS in your device is quite important. As we said, you can mark hotspots and also find your way back if you ever get lost. The resolution of the screen is quite impressive. That being said, bear in mind that this device comes with a slightly higher price than its close relatives.

Although some people find the price a bit high, there’s a reason for it. The latest Sonar technologies, GPS, high resolution, and a big screen come with a price. All in all, if you decide to buy this particular fish finder, you won’t regret it.

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