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5 Highest-Rated Lowrance Fish Finders – Our Reviews & Ratings for 2022

This is the list of the best fish finders Lowrance has to offer. Although we’ve made a narrow choice of only five, that doesn’t mean others are bad. These five products qualify because they fulfill particular criteria. Many people have certain issues when it comes to buying a new product.

A vast majority of buyers overpay the goods and purchase a device with numerous redundant features. This guide is designed to help you find perfect fish finder for your needs, and fine-tune your demands by reading these reviews. Before buying a fish finder, the first thing you want to pay attention to is your budget.

Our Top 5 Lowrance Fish Finder Picks Reviewed

Lowrance-Mark-5x-reviewLowrance Mark-5x ProDual5''No
Elite-5x-CHIRP-reviewLowrance 000-11657-001Dual5''No
Lowrance_Elite_3x_000-11448-001-review Lowrance 000-11448-001Dual3.5''No
Elite-4x-CHIRP-review Lowrance 000-11807-001Dual4.3''No
ELITE-7x-CHIRP-reviewLowrance Elite-7X CHIRPMultiple7''No

Lowrance Mark-5x Pro Fish Finder

lowrance mark 5x product image

Mark-5x Pro comes with the resolution of 480 x 480-pixels on a 5-inch 16-level gray scale. Although it doesn’t have a color display, the readability is immense. Also, the amount of backlight is adjustable. You can also fine-tune the water conditions in the advanced user's sector. By adjusting them, you get a clearer picture of what’s happening below the deck.

It has a powerful yet simplified performance; it’s compact and easy to use. It doesn’t take long to install this device, and anyone can do it. Mark-5x Pro is one of the best cheap finders you can get.

Lowrance Elite-5X CHIRP Transducer

lowrance elite-5x chirp product image

This device comes with a great 256-color TFT display and 480 x 480-pixels resolution. It has the Down Imaging technology integrated, so it operates on frequencies from 455 kHz up to 800 kHz. It has a multi-window display feature which lets you quickly choose from page layouts. This product offers a TrackBack feature which allows you to review recorded sonar history and see if you missed something.

Elite-5X CHIRP provides greater sensitivity, improved resolution, and better noise rejection for clearer readings. It’s compact, easy to handle, and its bright color screen offers precise readings.

Lowrance Elite-3X Fishfinder

lowrance elite-3x product image

This product features a LED color display to identify targets in a larger viewing area. It comes with a 240 x 240-pixels resolution, and its display is effective in sunlight as well as by night. Dual frequency mode allows you to change depth and other parameters quickly. The maximum depth this device reads is 800 feet.

It has a few neat features, such as auto-depth adjustments which prevent false readings. Many people have praised this product; it has an easy-to-use menu with little to no redundant graphics, so it’s suitable for amateurs as well.

Lowrance Elite-4X Sonar Fish Finder

lowrance elite-4x chirp product image

This easy-to-use device combines CHIRP Sonar with Down Imaging technology to provide accurate and clear readings. The display is a 4.3-inch TFT display with 16-bit color and 480 x 272-pixels resolution. The backlight behind the display is a bright 11-level LED track.

CHIRP sonar offers numerous advantages such as easier identification of fish targets and bait. You also get better target identification at greater depths. It allows you to mark fish clearly at faster boat speeds. Their DownScan Overlay technology processes DownScan Imaging onto the CHIRP sonar.

Lowrance Elite-7X CHIRP Fish Finder

lowrance elite-7x chirp product image

This 7-inch fish finder combines CHIRP Sonar with Down Imaging and it includes all of the proven features recently launched. It provides improved target resolution and higher sensitivity. With the CHIRP Sonar, it’s easier to identify inanimate objects, fish, bait, and other things below the deck. It has a resolution of 800 x 480-pixels and a 16-bit color TFT display.

DownScan Imaging offers frequencies of 455 kHz and 800 kHz. Their multi-window display feature lets you navigate through multiple things at the same time with ease. Advanced Signal Processing reduces the need to adjust the settings to detect fish manually.

Different Types of Lawrance Fish Finders

There are many various types of finders. The most important thing is the reliability of the product. If you’re looking for a readable and big screen, consider buying fish finders that are around 7 inches diagonally. Before purchasing a fish finder, you need to determine your requirements. If you’re not favoring color displays, a good way to save money is to opt for a black and white display. You can easily invest the money you save in some other features you might need more.

The resolution is also a crucial factor. The better the resolution is the better the quality of the picture. Smaller screens tend to offer better quality on low resolutions simply because there’s less surface on display to cover. Instead of buying a device with a colored display but low resolution, consider buying a device with a black and white display but better resolution.

Some of these finders have unique technologies integrated, like CHIRP Sonar. The types without this technology tend to produce worse results and inferior quality picture. DownScan Imaging is also a part of some of these fish finders. This technology offers various frequencies and lets you change the values quickly. The Elite series of Lawrance fish finders tend to have better performances and more accurate readings.

All of theElite finders have CHIRP Sonar integrated. Other models offer flexibility and reliability in exchange for the lack of additional features and technologies. Also, the models without these unique technologies are often more affordable, especially for people on a limited budget. The dimensions and operating frequencies vary as well. If you’re used to fishing in deeper waters, consider the devices with the lowest frequencies, and if you’re fishing in shallow waters pay attention to top values.

Benefits of Choosing the Lowrance Fish Finder

Lowrance offers a wide variety of different finders. If you’re buying one and your budget is flexible, you should consider purchasing Lowrance products. They have offers for many clients, regardless of the budget.

From low-cost finders to the top-notch high-end finders, they have them all. 


These five products we’ve reviewed offer optimal features for an average fisherman. If you require additional features and auxiliary services, conduct extensive research, and you’ll find something for yourself. Lowrance offers good quality for an affordable price; there’s no reason not to try them.

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