Power Ray Review – Is It The Best Underwater Fish Finding Drone?


We truly live in the day and age of giant technological leaps. Progress can be seen in every aspect of our daily lives where even the simplest things get modernised in the most amazing ways. We shall review here a piece of equipment that revolutionises fishing which was pretty much the same since the first time humans started depending on the sea.

Power Ray Fish Finding Drone

PowerVision Revolutionizes The Underwater Drone Market


“By introducing PowerRay, PowerVision is completely changing the way we have been fishing in the past 7,000 years. Through innovating the fish finding technology and features, providing the thrill of finding the catch and an immersive underwater experience through virtual reality, PowerRay is going to provide more efficiency, thrill, and fun to fishermen around the world. Recreational fishing will never be the same again,” stated the PowerVision CEO, Mr Wally Zheng.

We have to agree that this is a remarkable change that will affect not only sports fishing but also enable people around the world to view depths of oceans, seas and even rivers all around the world. PowerRay underwater drone will enable everyone easy use for water exploration and all that from the screen of any smart device and without even having to get wet in the process.
powerray underwater drone

Enter PowerVision the company behind its latest PowerRay underwater drone. Fishing will never be the same again. This amazing drone is equipped with a sonar for tracking fish movements and position and not only that it offers a live video stream via its 4k camera too. It can also take pictures and beam them along with other information directly to its operator – in this case the fishermen. It even offers a bait that can be attached in order to spread bait attract fish or bring the fish hook to the desired location.

Detailed Overview of Power Ray Fish Finding Drone Functionality


The PowerRay underwater drone is equipped with two powerful lights that come in handy for those deeper dives where light is scarce. There is a blue light on too that will attract fish near it. The drone operates at a maximum depth of 98 feet. The LED lighting offers versatility as it can be adjusted manually for optimal underwater lighting conditions. This is a very welcome functionality that comes handy during underwater video or photography recording sessions. Light conditions of water diminish rapidly when going beyond 40 feet of depth.

power ray

Tracking Fish with Sonar and Live Video Feed


The PowerRay underwater sonar can be removed from the drone and used independently for tracking fish and it offers an impressive range of 130 feet in all directions. It can be used to float above the area when necessary for detection and tracking operations. It sends tracking information via the Wi-Fi connection for instant real-time updates with a range of 230 feet. The sonar specification offers an impressive rating of around 4 inches of tracking precision.

PowerRay underwater drone video and photography functions are equally impressive with its onboard 4k camera which allows for 1080p Full HD streaming when using its VR headset. VR headset includes gesture-based control operation. This 100 wide lens camera records at a steady 30 frames per second and sends its stream directly to the VR headset for incredibly immersive exploration of depths.

The included software has an easy switch mode between video shooting and fishing mode. You can record all activity underwater and use it to analyses fish movement and evaluate it for finding best fishing spots for better efficiency. Photos can be snapped too and in 12- megapixel resolution in single and 5 frames per second - burst mode. The onboard storage includes 32 GB of memory for storing both videos and photos. It comes handy for making amazing underwater stills.

powerray fishing camera

Great Connectivity and Battery Life


The underwater drone operates in tethered mode via an included remote and it sends all of its telemetry information not only by Wi-Fi but via Bluetooth also. All data can be viewed by video streaming on supported smartphones and tablets. The video feed can be viewed on multiple VR headsets at the same time. A most welcome function.

The PowerRay drone can be controlled manually or set to keep a fixed water level depth for better tracking and fish observation. The navigation and control can be performed via two remote controls joysticks and also via mobile application software using touch screen based user input. Users can view live data on the screen of their smartphones or tablets at all times during the drone or separate sonar use. The displayed information includes a fish finder screen with a display of fish depth and movements, water temperature and the remaining battery information.

You won’t have to worry about battery life since the included batteries for both the drone and the separate sonar add-on provide an impressive 4-hour autonomy of operation. Also included is the alarm warning for when the battery levels get too low and recharging becomes necessary. The included fast charger replenishes included batteries at a reasonably high charging rate and it will enable users to get the drone back into the water as quick as possible.


This amazing device doesn’t limit itself for recreational use only. It does come handy for ice fishing where it provides sight beneath a frozen water surface. Or perhaps for a casual fun and exploration during vacations. On the contrary, it can be used for exploration based work in maritime archeology. It will lower the operating cost and with its real-time feed enable detailed observation info to researchers. It will also be indispensable for any type of underwater inspection work. Its professional grade video and photography capabilities will please anyone with demands for such type of work.

powerray aquatic drone

We conclude our review with high praise and recommendations for PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone. It is a marvel of engineering and truly a beautiful package packed with amazing functionality and good performance. The PowerRay drone comes packed with a case for easy transportation and storage.

It is sure to be a bestseller when it comes to market early this year. We are told that sales of the PowerRay underwater drone and accessories start at the end of February 2017.

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