Venterior Water Depth & Temperature Fishfinder Review for 2020

Due to their relatively affordable price, Venterior's fish finding devices are quite popular with the fishing enthusiasts. Fortunately, that's not the only good thing about them - they usually come with a ton of features that make them products worth giving money for.

The Water Depth & Temperature Fishfinder (VT-FF003) is yet another such product - it's a reasonably-priced device that's lightweight, portable, easy-to-operate, and definitely deserves a more in-depth look. We will be taking a close look at its features, advantages, and flaws - if you're in need of a reliable and budget-friendly fish finder, read on!

image of venterior-vt-ff003

The Specifications:

Weight - 1.1 pounds

Dimensions – 10.6" x 6.7" x 2.4"

Model Number – VT-FF003

Depth Capability – 2.3-328ft

Batteries – 4 x AAA

Features of the Venterior Water Depth & Temperature Fishfinder

Easy Connection

With this fish finder, you will not have to drill holes in your precious boat - unlike the old models, the VT-FF003 sports two small, convenient holes on its sensors, which will allow you to tether it to your fishing line. This is probably one of the best features of this model since it removes the need to do some additional work with your drilling machine.

A Wireless Model

This fish finder works wirelessly, and is not using one of those heavy and long cables for its transducer - both its sensor and the host are wireless. The transmitter of VT-FF003 uses a sonar sensor, and this thing automatically turns on once you put it in the water. One important thing to note here is that you'll have to dry the sensor after each fishing session - if you don't, it will continue working.

The model can be used in lakes, rivers, and in the sea. It easily detects the size and the location of fish, and the user can also utilize it as a depth sounder. Since it is wireless, the VT-FF003 is compact in size, and this low weight puts it among the most portable devices of this type on the market.

The Temperature Range & Depth

The VT-FF003 uses both manual and auto range selection, and has a pretty impressive detection accuracy since it uses 20 different levels of sensitivity. The user can easily choose a preferred measurement method in either meters or feet.

The water temperature measurement, on the other hand, can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, letting the fisher pick a measurement that works the best for him. Its operation temperature range stands at -20 to 70 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal device for your ice-fishing adventures.

The TFT LCD Screen

The screen featured on the Venterior Water Depth & Temperature Fishfinder is a TFT LCD display, sporting a size of 50 × 45 mm. It has the capability to show a lot of useful information, such as the temperature of the water, its depth, the bottom contour and other things.

One thing we particularly like here is that the fish icons vary in size, allowing the user to get a pretty good idea of how large the fish below him actually are. Since it uses a white LED backlight, the screen can also be used in the dark (great for night fishing), and one can easily modify its contrast from 10% to 100% via the easy-to-operate controls.

Automatic Setting

Unlike some other, less-reliable fish finders, this one will actually save your settings before you decide to shut it down. Putting each parameter to its previous state can be really bothersome and feel like a complete waste of time, which is precisely why we think that this feature deserves a huge plus.  

Once you toss the finder into the water, you'll have to give it a few seconds to update the water's depth. If the depth reading displays a "-" sign for the duration of 5 minutes, the device will turn off in order to save power.

The Power Supply, Sonar & Radio

Like we said in the "Specifications" part of this article, the Venterior Water Depth & Temperature Fishfinder is powered by four AAA batteries (alkaline). Its transducer portion, on the other hand, is powered by a single 3.7 V polymer battery. As far as we're concerned, the power usage of this model is a pretty average one, similar to the other devices of this type that we have reviewed so far.

The sonar frequency of this fish finder stands at 125 kHz, and its sonar beam angle is capable of covering up to 90 degrees of direction. Its radio frequency, on the other hand, is 2.4 G.

Power Supply (AAA batteries) for venterior vt ff003

Why You Might Not Like the Venterior Water Depth & Temperature Fishfinder

You Can't Change The On-screen Language

Fishers who don't speak English might find this fish finder useless - it displays just one language. During our testing period, we gave our best to find the language-changing setting, but there simply isn't one. We hope that Venterior will fix this in the next revision.


- Wireless, lightweight and portable

- Impressive detection accuracy

- Doesn't require you to drill holes in the boat

- Saves your settings once turned off

- LCD screen shows a lot of valuable info


- Sensor works for as long as it’s wet

- No additional languages

The Conclusion

As far as we're concerned, the Venterior Water Depth & Temperature Fishfinder is an excellent option for both the seasoned fishers and the newbies and it can easily compete with other top rated fish finders on the market. By making the whole experience a lot more manageable, it makes your fishing time much more enjoyable and worthwhile, due to its handy features and lots of information displayed on the screen.

It is an affordable, well-built device that uses no wires and is highly portable, even allowing the fisher to use it for ice-fishing and in total darkness. It is certainly worth considering for purchase - we recommend it!

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